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El Shaddai
Flood Report

The Pastor of El Shaddai attempted to save as much as he could inside his church. In the process of getting everything off of the floor, and up as high as he could, the little river began to rage. He had to be rescued. El Shaddai lost everything in the Nashville Flood. 




El Shaddai
Flood Report 2

WSMV News reports on the flooding at El Shaddai Christian Church and National Day of Prayer. 




Benefit Concert 
for El Shaddai

This video was created by our brother Paul Reeves for the Love Your Neighbor benefit concert held at Fellowship Bible Church by Brandon Heath and Jason Ingram.


Benefit Concert 
for El Shaddai 2

News Channel 5 report about the Love your Neighbor benefit concert for El Shaddai Christian Church. 

I am Second 
El Shaddai 

Pastor German Castro's testimony as well as

El Shaddai's story.

The Historic Flood 
One Year Later

One year after the May flood, News Channel 5 visits El Shaddai for an update.

Restoring The Historic 
Concord Church 

Interviews from former members of Concord Baptist  


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